Robert Bouland


Robert Bouland joined Hilco in 2014 when Hilco Industrial LLC and CBI formed a new venture called Hilco Industrial Acquisitions BV (Amsterdam) to buy distressed industrial assets, liquidate those which are no longer needed and continue the lucrative operations.

 Robert got his start selling used machinery 45 years ago, starting with the sale of machinery and equipment for Werkspoor (Amsterdam) who reorganized their activities after merging with Stork. After that he organized hundreds of sales for numerous well known public companies throughout Europe, who closed production facilities. In 1979 he acquired a 50% share in PMC, at that time one of the largest used machinery dealers in the USA.  From 1994 - 1996 Robert held a two year term the President of the EAMTM, a European Association of Machinery Merchants.

 In 2000, Robert sold his business to DoveBid in assuming the role of President for DoveBid Europe. In 2003 he started CBI (Core Business Industries) and continued building his experience by buying and selling many other closed down plants throughout Europe, including selling a complete steel mill to a company in the Middle East, liquidating the assets for GM Holden in Melbourne Australia, and selling Excell in Singapore to a Chinese investor. 


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